Slovenia is now a member state of the ILL [press release]

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Deep learning techniques to help interpret data from neutron scattering experiments

PUMA – BI : For a better understanding of the impact and use of the ILL data

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Spain set to solve grand energy challenges with neutron science [press release]

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Chimet partners with Institut Laue-Langevin to find the best industrial catalysts [press release]

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“ILL synergies with Hungary”. 07.11.18

Press trip at the First ILL-ESS European User Meeting [press release]

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Big science and industry join forces to innovate new space technologies [press release]

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Italy celebrates 20 years of scientific excellence through membership of the Institut Laue-Langevin [press release]

  • Pan European Networks  [980 words]: the ILL’s director, Professor Helmut Schober, speaks about the institute’s relationship with Italian neutron scientists and how the ILL has itself developed over time
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  • Sapere [2250 words]: “I neutroni al servizio della medicina”, by Giovanna Fragneto
  • oggiscienza [1960 words]: based on Andrea Piovano’s interview by Vincenzo Senzatela at the Fismat/SISN session on Oct 5 2017
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