🇿🇦 9th International Conference on Mechanical Stress Evaluation by Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation

The conference offers a unique opportunity to overview the most recent developments and capabilities of the diffraction based approaches, complemented by mechanical and image-based techniques. Equal emphasis will be given to measurement, modelling and application of residual stress data.

A “Stress School” for participants new to the field as well as a visit to the SAFARI-1 research reactor is being planned.

The conference format facilitates a highly interactive forum for participants to establish collaborative networks, expand their scientific horizons and significantly improve the quality and magnitude of their research programs

Both engineering and scientific aspects of residual stress are considered, including topics such as: 

  • Stress evaluation using neutrons, synchrotron radiation and X-rays
  • Development of measurement methods and instrumentation
  • Material processing with relation to residual stresses
  • The influence of residual stresses on physical and mechanical properties of materials and components
  • Measurement and assessment of residual microstresses and intergranular stresses
  • Residual strains and stresses in complex materials, e.g. multiphase materials and biomaterials
  • Residual stresses in thin films and microcomponents
  • Industrial applications of residual stress analyses using neutrons, synchrotron  radiation and X-rays
  • Complementary techniques for residual stress measurements, e.g. mechanical methods vs. diffraction.
  • Others

Please feel free to contact us ahead of the event if you wish to secure one-to-one meetings with Md Mushfiqur RAHMAN, Sandra CABEZA and Thilo PIRLING who will attend the conference.

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19/09/2017 - 21/09/2017

Kruger National Park


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