🇫🇷 Joint ESRF – ILL – CEA workshop on batteries

We are happy to announce the first Joint ESRF-ILL-CEA workshop on batteries to be held in Grenoble on 6-7 November 2017.

The workshop consists of 2 half-day events:

  • The first half-day, scientists from the ESRF, ILL and CEA will gather together at the ESRF to explore the various possibilities (spectroscopy, diffraction, tomography, etc.) the ESRF and ILL have to offer to the development of next generation batteries.
    • Introductory ILL talk, Mark Johnson
    • Real time diffraction studies of Li ions batteries, Emmanuelle Suard, Tatiana Renzi
    • Neutron backscattering spectroscopy at ILL for Battery Research , Bernard Frick
    • Prospects of in operando powder diffraction studies of batteries, Thomas Hansen
    • Neutron Imaging development at the ILL/UGA – present and future prospects, Alessandro Tengattini
    • Neutron Reflectometry and SANS applications for batteries, Bob Cubitt

    Join us at the director talks and scientific talks in the early afternoon, they will serve as basis for further interactions with scientists from more than 20 beamlines at the time of the poster session held during the Wine & Cheese party that follows !

  • The next half-day, we shall have the chance to visit CEA-Liten and learn about the state-of-the-art battery research happening right here in Grenoble. Come and discuss how and what we can achieve by working all together at the round table discussion. There will also be a buffet lunch right after.

The registration deadline is Oct. 31st.
(Please register as early as possible so as to ensure the CEA site entrance procedure is done in time to allow you to participate in the second day visits)

If you have questions regarding the event or would like to submit a spontaneous poster contribution, please contact Tao Zhou ESRF (tao.zhou@esrf.fr),  Samuel Tardif CEA (Samuel.TARDIF@cea.fr) or Duncan Atkins ILL (atkins@ill.fr).

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… or see you there!

06/11/2017 - 07/11/2017

EPN Campus


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