🇫🇷 28th Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis

For this 28th edition, in addition to the core topics of the conference, will be involved the major actors of aeronautics, space and embedded systems industry to provide specific topics such as radiation hardening, very long-term reliability, high/low temperature challenges, obsolescence and counterfeit issues, wide band gap power devices for the more electric aircraft and other embedded system applications.

The conference will focus on two main areas of interest in electronics concerning designers, manufacturers and users:

  • Strategy for Quality and Reliability Assessment during Product Development and Life Cycle
  • Advanced Analysis Techniques for Technologies and Product Evaluation

According to its tradition, ESREF will continue to provide an interactive forum to the participants to define the state-of-the-art of leading subjects in the reliability field. Workshops are offered to the participants for no fee. A specific emphasis will be placed on Space, Aeronautics and Embedded System related topics.

Bordeaux is the European capital for optical and laser engineering, with the so called “ Laser Mégajoule”, one of the most powerful lasers in the world. Some of the largest companie involved in aeronautic and aerospace industry are located around Bordeaux. Dassault Falcon series private jets are built there as well as the French military aircraft Rafale; the Airbus A380 cockpit, the boosters of Ariane 5 …

Hosting ESREF 2017 in this rich environment is a great opportunity since reliability in these particular applications is a very hot topic with strong challenges such as zero ppm failure and harsh environments.Please feel free to contact us ahead of the workshop if you wish to secure a one-to-one meeting with Jaime SEGURA RUIZ , who will be attending this symposium.

25/09/2017 - 28/09/2017



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