🇵🇱 DYnamical PROperties of SOlids 2017

DyProSo is an international biannual research meeting on functional properties of condensed matter resulting from elementary excitations, molecular motions, transport processes and other dynamic phenomena occurring in many body systems. Of special concern is always a scientific dialogue between young and experienced researchers working on the dynamics of materials.

Dr Charles Simon, ILL Associate Director and Head of the ILL Projects & Techniques Division, will attend the event.

The scientific programme of DyProSo XXXVI will focus on the following subjects:

  1. – Amorphous and soft matter
  2. – Multiferroics and ferroelectrics
  3. – Electrons and spins
  4. – Diffusive dynamics
  5. – Phonons and magnons
  6. – Theoretical and experimental methods
  7. – Excitations of strongly correlated electron systems
  8. – Low-dimensional systems
  9. – Materials under high pressure
  10. – Applications and interdisciplinary subjects

Please feel free to contact us ahead of the event if you wish to secure a one-to-one meeting with Dr Simon.

More info on : https://dyproso2017.ifj.edu.pl/

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27/08/2017 - 31/08/2017

Cracow University of Technology


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