🇺🇸 XVII International Small Angle Scattering Conference – SAS2018

Coincident with major facility upgrades with new or renewed small-angle scattering capabilities across the U.S. (Advanced Photon Source, High Flux Isotope Reactor, Linac Coherent Light Source, National Synchrotron Light Source-II, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Spallation Neutron Source) either complete or well-in-progress, the SAS2018 conference offers a timely opportunity to promote stronger scientific and personal interactions.

SAS2018 will serve to showcase the progress of small-angle scattering research in North America, including the many instruments at user facilities across the continent and the rich variety of research taking place. High-level researchers from around the world involved in all aspects of small-angle scattering research will attend and draw even greater participation in these conferences by U.S. researchers.

The conference will also help to raise the visibility of the importance of small-angle scattering investigations in research and industry.

Please feel free to contact us ahead of the event if you wish to secure one-to-one meetings with Nico Oliver CARL , Bruno DEME or Ralf SCHWEINS who will attend this event.

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07/10/2018 - 12/10/2018


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