🇫🇷 5th International Workshop on Neutron Delivery Systems

To be able to make the best use of the existing neutron sources, one has to provide the maximum of useful neutrons to the different experiments. Thus, an efficient and optimized neutron delivery and neutron preparation system is a sure way of increasing the performance of the instruments.

The goal of this workshop is to share new concepts of neutron delivery systems for existing and future facilities and to review the state and recent progress in neutron guide technologies. Amongst other topics neutron guide design, coating performance, substrate materials, shielding and innovative neutron optics will be discussed during the workshop.

The workshop is dedicated to engineers and scientists involved in the use, the design and the manufacturing of neutron delivery systems and their compounds and anyone interested in the subject. There is no conference fee as the ILL strives to create an open discussion platform for everybody.

An industrial exhibition will be organised for Tuesday 26th June. Companies involved in the manufacturing of neutron delivery systems will have the opportunity to present their products and capabilities. The exhibition will be held along side the conference programme, in front of the amphitheatre. It will be accessible to all workshop participants as well as to the staff working at the ILL.

25/06/2018 - 27/06/2018


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