Neutrons from a distance | Promoting ‘Remote Access’ to ILL users

Despite the annual influx of international visitors, there has always been interest in options that don’t require users to travel to ILL. Remote access to instruments, experiments, and datasets unlocks scientific opportunities for those less able to travel, as well as enable more flexible working patterns for staff.

As the January 2021 reactor cycle is about to start, FILL2030 is happy to release a video to explaining the new ‘Remote Access’ offer that the ILL has set up for its users with VISA and NOMAD Remote.

  • VISA enables academic and industrial researchers to access data as well as analysis tools, without needing high-power computers at home, or in their place of work.
  • The VISA software platform supplements the development of NOMAD, an instrument control software that enables researchers to change parameters on ILL’s 40 state-of-the-art instruments from afar, with continued hands-on support from ILL’s expert instrument scientists.

This video is also included in the feature webpage ( created by FILL2030 to further explain why Remote Access is important for users of Large Scale Infrastructures such as the ILL, and provide guidance on how to proceed.

Neutrons from a distance: Remote access to experiments at the ILL

Last, the video is also made available from the VISA website‘s homepage for any visitor that hasn’t logged in the platform with his/her ILL account yet.

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