Demonstrating the ILL’s influence at scientific and industrial events

As part of the FILL2030 WP7 activities, a special effort has been made to communicate online the list of professional events (conferences, workshops, trade fairs etc.) attended by the institute’s agents and scientists.

In order to ease the collection of such information, few minor changes were implemented into the in-house software the ILL staff uses to make a travel request: TravelQuest. Indeed, when indicating the travel is related to an event, the TravelQuest user may now indicate:

  • the event website
  • the nature of his/her involvement
    • organisation member
    • booth holder
    • invited talk (+ 30 min)
    • contributed talk (15-30 min)
    • short talk (- 15 min)
    • poster presenter
    • chair
    • observer 

This improvement has proven useful for several purposes:

  • in facilitating the communication in advance on the presence of the ILL at the event – via the ILL website, social networks, etc.
  • in providing solid statistics for the ILL’s Associates, Scientific Members, as well as the European Commission on the extent of the Institute’s engagement outside Grenoble
  • in helping the ILL travel office identify the requirements of the mission (registration fees, arranging for group travel, etc.)
  • in the evaluation and approval of the request

The collected information is then regularly shared on the ILL’s website – in the ‘Other events of interest‘ subsection of its agenda.

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