BILL2019 – Bilayers at the ILL

The BILL2019 workshop attracted participants form several European and American research institutes, bringing together researchers working with on the physico-chemical characterization of lipid bilayers. During the meeting, current and future research directions were discussed, with emphasis on the role of neutron scattering and complementary techniques.

With a total 33 contributions (of which 11 invited), topics from the structure and dynamics of model and natural membranes, new approaches for data analysis and combination between computer simulations and experiments were addressed. It has been discussed the need of enhanced support for neutron scattering experiments, achievable through the preparation from laboratories and facilities, of deuterated compounds such as lipid molecules.

The workshop enabled to establish new collaboration and to renew old ones, especially with groups that are not among the “classical” user community of the ILL.

It also provided our project’s WP2 leader with a timeslot to describe the opportunities that FILL2030 may represent for users from non-member countries ( workshops, roadshows, beamtime access, etc…).

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