Updated infographics and new features on the country-specific webpages

FILL2030 aims to promote the benefits for the ILL founding countries’ and its Scientific Member countries’ user communities. In the past, statistics concerning every national user community were inexistent on the ILL website.

National representatives also expressed difficulties to gather consistent and comprehensive statistics from their exchanges with the national users themselves. This made it difficult for them to provide solid analysis to decision-making interlocutors – a particularly prejudicial situation at the time of membership renewal.

To solve this issue, the WP2 and WP3 systematically collected statistics, figures and information in a coherent way, to create individual web pages for each associate and scientific member country.

This web pages act on one hand as a display of the national use of the ILL and on the other hand, as an access point for each stakeholders to download more-in-depth information – partly confidential.

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