🇫🇮 Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials 2019 Conference


Scandinavian countries are at the core of the FILL2030 project’s target and this conference was a great opportunity to improve the visibility of ILL in the biomaterials community. Our post-docs Andrea Lassenberger and Andrea Tummino, along with the project’s communication and event manager therefore attended the conference to represent ILL and the opportunities offered by the FILL2030 project.

From a scientific point of view, Andrea Lassenberger could bring her expertise of bio-related questions and Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) while Andrea Tummino’s knowledge in reflectivity and membranes provided a complementary coverage of the community’s potential interest.

Our communication campaign entailed:

Many contacts were established by our post-docs – several could potentially lead towards an application submission to the upcoming proposal round in September 2019.

The biomaterial community seems rather unaware of the high potential held by neutron research for their topics of interest. Additional promotion should be planned to reach a greater number of scientists working in this field.
Beyond the Scandinavian countries originally targeted, several scientists from Italy, Spain and Czech Republic also discovered that they could access ILL anytime. An information they promise to share once back in their lab!

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