🇮🇪 New excitations in Spintronics 2019

On the 3rd week of Februeary 2019, our workshop gathered about 40 participants from 9 countries.

Over 3 days, 30-min presentations (download abstract booklet) and discussions took place covering some of the hottest topics of the disciplines, from skyrmions to spin-liquid systems and from the measurement of the spin Sebeeck Effect with polarised neutron reflectivity to inelastic neutron scattering from molecular nanomagnets.

Discussions also covered the access to the ILL neutron facility for researchers working in Ireland-based institutions. Several attendants offered to welcome an ILL-roadshow in various Irish univeristies and laboratories – which could be set in early 2020.

Please contact us if you wish to welcome this Irish roadshow in your place too!

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