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On 7-8 November 2018, an ILL delegation went to Hungary to discuss the renewal of its membership at the ILL

This initiative in Hungary was two-fold and consisting in organising a scientific workshop in Budapest on November 7 2018, in order to find synergies and inform the Hungarian neutron user community about the capabilities of the ILL’s instruments suite – while revealing its ongoing modernisation program ‘Endurance’ (Phase I and upcoming Phase II). Several scientific areas were covered, with presentations from ILL’s side (Head of Groups Giovanna Fragneto and Bela Farago, along with Juan Rodriquez Carvajal, former Head of Diffraction group) as well as from the Hungarian community. Indeed, scientists from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Eötvös Loránd University, the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, the Centre for Energy Research, and the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry presented their respective reserach projects.

This complete programme helped identifying the main points of interests of the Hungarian scientific community, and how a better access to ILL’s facility would further boost their research projects.

Hungarian national TV interview

As the workshop happened during the annual national Science week, Prof Schober gave an interview about the ILL’s intention towards the Hungarian scientific community – later broadcasted on Hungarian national channel M5.


The following day, the ILL delegation visited two scientific institutions based in Szeged:

– in ELI-ALPS, where Prof Schober was given the opportunity to give a general talk on the ILL, highlighting how modern neutron science helps answering the materials research questions of our time from magnetism to biology. A tour of the facility had been scheduled to introduce the ILL delegation to ELI-ALPS’ mission, organisation and objectives.

– in the Biological Research Centre (BRC) where the delegation met with the Director of Institute of Biophysics,  László ZIMÁNYI in order to identify which research projects based in Szeged would benefit from the use of neutron science. The discussions were achieved again with a comprehensive tour of the laboratory. Giovanna Fragneto has identified several scientists that she will liaise with to pursue some reflexion and eventually mature some potential proposals.

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