🇩🇪 Dr. Volkmar Dietz for a one-day visit of the ILL

On April 18, we had the privilege to host the visit of Dr. Volkmar Dietz, Director for Large Facilities & Basic Research at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. After an introductory presentation given by Prof Helmut Schober, Director of the ILL, the discussion focused on the broad range of exchanges ongoing with German collaborators at various levels.

A dedicated guided tour allowed our guest to discover several instruments, including:

IN16B, with Bernhard Frick and Markus Appel:

SALSA with Sandra Cabeza:

D11 with Ralf Schweins:

LADI as well as D17 and Figaro, with Thomas Saerbeck:

then IN15 with Bela Farago and Ingo Hoffmann:

D22 with Anne Martel and Lionel Porcar:

and last but not least: WASP, with Bela Farago and Peter Falus:

The visit resumed after Dr Dietz had the opportunity to discuss with several German ILL staff from various departments, who happily described the highlights of their lives in Grenoble.

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