Use our DOIs for data when publishing with results obtained at the ILL!

In order to link publications and data consistently, the Institut Laue Langevin mints a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for each of the dataset resulting from its experiments. Once mentioned in the reference section of a published article, such DOI allows the readers to get more information about the experiment – and to access the data, or to request access if they are not yet publicly available.

To attract more attention towards its data portal, the ILL encourages its users to mention the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of each dataset in their publication. This unique and consistent identifier has long been commonplace within the publishing sector, but it is less widely adopted for data; in fact, the ILL became one of the first scientific user facilities to implement DOIs for its scientific users.

Making ILL’s data more more understandable and shareable within the scientific community ensures an increased impact of the work achieved within the Institute. Through the Institute’s data portal ( visitors may search all textual metadata related to an experiment and quickly retrieve all data of interest related to a specific criteria.

This tool also puts experimental teams in control of their own data-release process. They can decide to authorize access to an individual, extending the collaboration. Teams can also choose to release the data publicly before the end of the standard non-disclosure period, if their related articles have been published and the foreseen exploitation is over. Likewise, if other users identify data of interest for their own research, they can also contact the experimental team and ask for access.

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