🇪🇺 Our in-house inaugural meeting

The FILL2030 team gave an enthusiastic in-house presentation of the project to many ILL staff which gathered on October 11, in the presence of the three directors of the Institute. The occasion was ideal to greet the new French Associate Director, Mr Jérôme Estrade, who introduced himself in few words.

Prof. Helmut Schober initiated the discussion with a talk about the ILL’s general strategy for the next 10 years. Ralph Dieter, the FILL2030 project coordinator then explained how the project will be a crucial tool to implement part of this strategy, as it contributes to the improvement of our services to existing and new users, while developing a sustainable business model for the ILL.

The FILL2030 team members have also demonstrated how each facet of the project – with reciprocal help across all ILL services – will strengthen the relationships with the neutron community, ensure funding and widen our users’ base, up to 2030. Many of the attendees related to the opportunities provided by this project. Their questions were answered before the meeting was concluded with a coffee session.

The entire presentation given at the time of the kick-off meeting may be downloaded from this link.




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